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Are you an online creative struggling to get your name out there? Are you ready to start monetizing on your work? Are you tired of brands and businesses expecting you to work for free?

Copper Social Co. is a social media marketing company that was founded by bloggers, so trust us when we say we know your pain. But unlike other companies, we believe in paying for your talent. Our Influencer Network is made up of some of the most creative people we’ve ever met– everyday we meet new freelance writers, bloggers, vloggers, graphic designers, photographers, and youtubers who blow our minds with how they’re changing the game.

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Here’s how it works: once you complete the form below we’ll contact you and start scouting out marketing campaigns and opportunities that fit your brand and skill set. As an added bonus all members get FREE access to our social media consultants and VIP status for all upcoming events!

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