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Copper Social Media Consulting is the latest and greatest in the social media game. We’re committed to providing our clients and influencers with the support they need to build their brand through digital and social media marketing. We’re here to expand your influence, increase your sales, and put your brand on the map!


Calling all entrepreneurs! If you’re struggling with social media and digital marketing, we’re here to help. By signing up on our Business List, you’ll be put in touch with experts who will help you establish an online presence, build your following, keep your fans engaged, and develop marketing campaigns to expand your sales!

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Hey Influencers! We’re always looking for fresh talent to expand our team or help us with upcoming projects. If you are a freelance writer, blogger, vlogger, photographer, graphic designer, or willing to learn– we want you! Using a unique selection process we’ll interview and match you up with projects we know you’ll love and will increase your following. Plus: we pay!

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